DIY - half done shoes

Few years ago I bought this red satin high heels from Zara. I wore them a lot and that's why they got all dirty. I wanted to wear them again so I bought plastic crystals and pasted them all over shoes. When I finished one shoe I realised that I won't have enough crystals. I went back to the store where I bought the crystals and they didn't have them anymore. Till this day I haven't found the same crystals so I'm still not able to wear them. But I wanted to show them to you anyway. 

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DIY - denim cut offs

I use scissors a lot when making DIYs. This shorts were originally long, but I spilt red wine on them the first time I wore them - clumsy me :) I love wearing this short because I can mix them with various different tops and get many different looks. I will probably make several other outfits with this shorts and show them to you next week. For this occasion (coffee with a friend) I went casual. I hope you like it :)

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DIY - cut out leggings

This purple leggings I had in my wardrobe for years. The last time I wore them was probably 3 years ago. Although I'm not a real leggings fan in this case I like the way they look on me. If you're bored of your old leggings you can simply take scissors and re-make them into cut out leggings. Or take some other colour and give them this year's very popular tie dye look. You can cut out different shapes - wholes, stripes, triangles... I did stripes in the front and on the back I left them as they were. Over the leggings I put slouchy knit and added a black hat. For more sporty look I wore striped sneakers.

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DIY - white top a bit differently

In my closet I have a lot of simple white tops that are the same, that's why I decided to change one to make it different from the others. I cut off the part on the back and replaced it with black leather. I choose squares and hand-stitched them together. You can also use some other fabric or maybe even just a silk ribbon. 
I mixed the top with ripped jeans, black ankle boots, grey blazer and silver spiked necklace. I also added sunnies that my mom wore when she was young.

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DIY - white shirt with pop of colour

During my vacations I had a lot of free time for brainstorming and got some great ideas for diy items. I hope that I will be able to accomplish my summer task and re-do as many clothes as possible.

This time I decided to show you a shirt that I did about a year ago. I didn't find an occasion to wear it yet so I think that it's about time that I take it out on the sun (or rain). 
Originally was a simple white men's shirt, that my father used to wear. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures how it looked before.
I cut off the sleeves and cut it on both sides from armpit to waist. Then I used a belt to make it more tight. On the collar I pasted plastic crystals in diffrent colours to make it more interesting. Because of the weather I styled it with neon trousers, but I would also wore it with ripped shorts or a skirt. I added black sandals, a ring with white stone and a watch that I wear almost all the time.

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DIY - necklace and skirt

This summer I decided to take some things from my closet, that I don't wear anymore and change them in a way, that I will wear them again.

My first item was necklace that I bought 5 years ago. It is purple, black and white color. I found some gold spray at home and just used that. The process  is shown in following pictures...

Then I found my mom's skirt that she wore when she was my age. The lenght was a bit odd for me so I made a short version of it. 


I wanted to do an outfit that would include both items. I added an easy blouse and some high heels. This is the final result. 

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Fashion show

Hey, today I didn't have time to do any diy items, because I got sick :/ That's why I'll post some pictures of my previous work :)

On the 22nd of June I attended a charity fashion show, organized by Interact Club Celje. At the show we saw 9 designers and I was one of them. We were all very diffrent and showed various interesting clothes. 
This was first time for me to show my designs to the public. I was scared how the people will respond on what they saw. But as the show was over I couldn't care less, because my dreams were fulfilled. I did something that I always wanted to do - design clothes. I hope that I will have another opportunity to do it again:)

I apologize for bad pictures, but they were taken by my 10-year-old cousin:) 

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It's me! :)

Hello to all people that are bored in this crazy hot summer days!:)

I finally managed to start my blog. I'm not busy, I'm just lazy;) My first attempt of blogging was 2 years ago, but at the end I decided not to publish the post. A lot of things happened since then and I think that it's time to lift up my lazy ass and start writing:) 

On my blog I will share my diy things, fashion finds, fashion likes and other things related to fashion and my life. I'll do my best to write about topics that are interesting and new. I hope that u'll enjoy reading my blog:)

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