Olivia Palermo

When I was checking some old photos on my computer I saw some old ones of Olivia Palermo and I decided to do a post about her. Many of you may know her from MTV reality show ''The City''. She is truly one huge style icon that can pull off everything. Olivia can look good wearing a beautiful gown or sneakers and leggings. She says that she often buys things in Zara or Topshop. That shows that you can look good even if you're not dressed in really expensive fashion brand. 

If you like one piece you can wear it many times

xo Mara
source: oliviapalermofashion.blogspot.com


  1. Olivia je cudovita! Ob pogledu na to zadnjo slikico pa sem se dejansko stopila :)

    1. Ja, prav ''šikana'' sta na zadnji fotki :)