DIY - white shirt with pop of colour

During my vacations I had a lot of free time for brainstorming and got some great ideas for diy items. I hope that I will be able to accomplish my summer task and re-do as many clothes as possible.

This time I decided to show you a shirt that I did about a year ago. I didn't find an occasion to wear it yet so I think that it's about time that I take it out on the sun (or rain). 
Originally was a simple white men's shirt, that my father used to wear. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures how it looked before.
I cut off the sleeves and cut it on both sides from armpit to waist. Then I used a belt to make it more tight. On the collar I pasted plastic crystals in diffrent colours to make it more interesting. Because of the weather I styled it with neon trousers, but I would also wore it with ripped shorts or a skirt. I added black sandals, a ring with white stone and a watch that I wear almost all the time.

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  1. Luštno, všeč mi je da ni standardni ovratnik z netki. Dobro si se spomnila! :)

    LP, Nina