Catchy Cherry

From last week on Slovenia has online shop called Catchy Cherry which gathered various slovenian and foreign designers. On their website they represented themselves as ''fashion store and online community for customers who value hand perfected, trendy, and one of a kind fashion products''. They offer many different items - everything from clothes to jewellery. The designs are unique and they can compete with every major fashion brand. It also possible for you to become one of the Catchy Cherry designers. You can apply on this link.
Brooch ''Gold Birdies'' by Hana Karim

Handbag ''Metallic'' by Golob Šantić

TM Necklace ''Circle'' by TM Priboljški

TM Tobacco bag by TM Priboljški

Body/Jersey Maja by Mila Krasna

Ring ''Vibuumum'' by Maja Licul

Pauch ''Tax Free'' by Vandalimorale

I choose just few items from Catchy Cherry that I like the most. You can buy all the pieces on the pictures and a lot more on their website or you can visite them on facebook page. Go to Catchy Cherry and find Christmas gifts for you or your friends :) 



  1. Really nice! And very unique! :*