DIY - white top a bit differently

In my closet I have a lot of simple white tops that are the same, that's why I decided to change one to make it different from the others. I cut off the part on the back and replaced it with black leather. I choose squares and hand-stitched them together. You can also use some other fabric or maybe even just a silk ribbon. 
I mixed the top with ripped jeans, black ankle boots, grey blazer and silver spiked necklace. I also added sunnies that my mom wore when she was young.

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  1. Maruša, cel outfit je zakon! hlače so nore, modra kiklca ful luškana and my favourite part: verižiica, gorgeous, looks expensive :D bery creative girl, indeed, continue! :D

  2. Oo, super si se to spomnila, odlično izgleda!
    Pa on ovratnik v eni od spodnjih objav je tudi noro dober!

    Pa priporočam ti, da si odstraniš preverjanje komentarjev z besedo. Dashboard, settings, posts and comments, show word verification, 'no'.

  3. Treba je nekak porabit stvari iz omare pa čim manj zapravljat:D
    Me veseli, da ti je všeč :)

  4. O hudo!!! lajkam tale DIY!! top outfit ;)
    visit me :http://cherryfashion-k.blogspot.com/